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Flowing Rock
Research Progress of Crowdsourced Software Testing
Crowdsourced software testing is an emerging testing method which has drawn extensive attention in both industrial and academic community. This paper systematically summarizes the academic literatures and industry practice in recent years. This article first summarizes the related literatures from the perspectives of the research topics including software testing, crowdsourcing test process, experimental subjects and scale of crowdsourcing. It also compares total of 20 widely used crowdsourced software testing commercial platforms, and discusses their task domains, subjects, open call forms and performance evaluation forms. Finally, the paper presents the future trends, issues and opportunities for crowdsourced software testing.
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Flowing Rock
Research Problems and Methods in Blockchain and Trusted Data Management
As a supporting technology of Bitcoin for decentralized ledger management, blockchain has gain much attention in financial domain. Blockchain achieves trusted data management in not fully trusted computation environments. It has the advantage of decentralization, immutability, strong consistency and integrity, however, also suffers from poor performance with high latency and low throughput. With ever growing Internet technology and applications, the success of blockchain technology in cryptocurrency may shed light on the research of new trusted data management theories, technologies and systems. This paper introduces the blockchain related technologies, including distributed consensus, smart contract and data provenance, from the perspective of trusted data management. The requirements and research challenges of trusted data management are also analyzed.
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