Journal of Software:2000.11(1):109-115

A Shape-Based Image Information Retrieval Method
LIU Ji-min,SHI Zhong-zhi
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Received:October 12, 1998    Revised:February 09, 1999
> 中文摘要: 该文把一幅图像看成是由一些区域构成的,这些区域在其内部有着颜色或纹理等方面的相似性,图像的形状由这些区域的边界线及其空间关系来描述.要根据图像中所包含的物体或场景在形状方面的特征进行检索,关键问题是形状相似性的度量及其空间关系的表示与匹配.文章应用变形模板匹配技术,提出了较为合理的简单形状相似性计算方法,而这些简单形状之间的空间关系则由二维集合串来表示.文章还给出了空间关系匹配算法,在检索方法上,将整个检索过程分为初级检索、检索求精与空间关系匹配3个阶段.实验表明,此方法既有较高的检索速度,又有较高的检索精度.
Abstract:An image can be considered as a combination of regions, which have some intrinsic homogeneities in color or texture, etc. The shapes in an image are described by the boundaries of these regions and their spatial relations. To retrieve image by shape, it is a key problem to measure the similarity among shapes and match their spatial relations. Adopting template-matching technique, the authors present a computation method for simple shape similarity. Based on the two-dimensional set string representation of the spatial relation of these simple shapes, a spatial relation match algorithm is also presented. The whole retrieval process is divided in three stages, i.e., the rough stage, the refining stage and the spatial relation matching stage. The experiment shows this method is rapid and accurate.
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LIU Ji-min,SHI Zhong-zhi.A Shape-Based Image Information Retrieval Method.Journal of Software,2000,11(1):109-115