Volume 26,Issue S1,2015 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

  • NLOS Mitigation Location Method Based on Scatterers Model
  • WANG Rui, YANG Xiao-Feng and PENG Li
  • 2015,26(S1):1-7 [Abstract(1656)]  [View PDF(1532)513.17 K]
  • A Biclique Cryptanalysis on Lightweight Block Cipher MIBS-80
  • LUO Fang, OU Qing-Yu, ZHOU Xue-Guang, CHEN Yun and LI Shi-Lei
  • 2015,26(S1):8-16 [Abstract(1604)]  [View PDF(1524)536.29 K]
  • Dynamic Routing System for WSNs Based on Policy Engine
  • ZHANG Zu-Sheng, ZHAO Tie-Zhu and YUAN Hua-Qiang
  • 2015,26(S1):17-28 [Abstract(1695)]  [View PDF(1452)794.53 K]
  • Community-Based Message Opportunistic Transmission Scheme in Mobile Social Networks
  • ZHANG Sheng, LIU Xiao-Dong, BAO Xiao-Ling, GUO Shui-Ying and WANG Xin
  • 2015,26(S1):29-38 [Abstract(1695)]  [View PDF(1561)794.30 K]
  • A Survey on Activity Recognition Using Wireless Signals
  • YANG Xue, Lü Shao-He, ZHANG Min, WANG Xiao-Dong and ZHOU Xing-Ming
  • 2015,26(S1):39-48 [Abstract(1610)]  [View PDF(4287)610.95 K]
  • Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
  • WANG Jiu-Ru, DING Lin-Hua, LIU Li and WANG Hai-Feng
  • 2015,26(S1):49-57 [Abstract(1261)]  [View PDF(1523)891.91 K]
  • Dynamic-Window PCA Algorithm for Step Direction Estimation
  • ZHU Xiang-Jun, CHEN Jing and LIANG Jiu-Zhen
  • 2015,26(S1):58-69 [Abstract(1543)]  [View PDF(2194)1.50 M]
  • Cloud Model-Based Link Quality Prediction Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • LIU Lin-Lan, GU Xiao-Le, LIU Song and SHU Jian
  • 2015,26(S1):70-77 [Abstract(1541)]  [View PDF(1761)536.26 K]
  • Key Technologies of Indoor Navigation Based on Heuristic Path Planning and IMU
  • ZHANG Xiao-Dong, ZHAN De-Chen, WANG Chen-Yu and QU Jin-Chun
  • 2015,26(S1):78-89 [Abstract(1329)]  [View PDF(2832)1.06 M]