Chinese Title: Ruanjian Xuebao


English Title: Journal of Software


CN 11-2560/TP


ISSN 1000-9825


The Journal of Software(ISSN 1000-9825) is a Chinese comprehensive academic journal of computer software which is jointly hosted by the Institute of software, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) and China Computer Federal (CCF). Founded in 1990, the Journal of Software focuses on the latest innovative high-level scientific and technological achievements of great significance in the field of computer software. It advocates academic democracy and promotes academic discussion and exchange of the researchers in and out of China.


The Journal of Software(ISSN 1000-9825) is mainly interested in well-defined theoretical results and empirical studies that have potential impact on the construction, analysis, management, or application of computer software. Its scope ranges from the mechanisms through the development of principles to the application of those principles to specific environments. Specific topic areas include: theoretical computer science, algorithm design and analysis, system software and software engineering, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, database technology, computer networks, information security, computer graphics and computer-aided design, multimedia technology and other computer software related interdisciplinary.


In order to reach our readers worldwide, the Journal of Software(ISSN 1000-9825) presents following items in both Chinese and English: title, author's name and affiliation, abstract, key words and fund information as well as the references originally published in Chinese.


The Journal of Software(ISSN 1000-9825) is a periodical that publishes original research results. It is published monthly. All the papers that can be published are subject to undergo a multi-phase review process. In recent 5 years, the Journal of Software received more than 1200 submissions average each year, and 1/3 of them pass the initial reviewing of in-house editors. Finally, about 210 papers are selected by the multi-phase peer review process and published in the journal. The authors' affiliations cover the main universities or research institutions in the field of computer software and computer science in China.


The Journal of Software(ISSN 1000-9825) successively obtained the title of “Top One Hundred Chinese Scientific and Technological Journals” each year from 2001 to 2016, which represents the highest level for Chinese scientific and technological journals in China.


The Journal of Software(ISSN 1000-9825) is the source journal of “EI Compendex”, “Scopus Database”, “Chinese Science Citation Database”, “Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database”, etc.