Journal of Software:2020.31(1):1-19

(上海市可扩展计算与系统重点实验室(上海交通大学), 上海 200240)
Blockchain as a Service: Next Generation of Cloud Services
ZHU Yu-Jin,YAO Jian-Guo,GUAN Hai-Bing
(Shanghai Key Laboratory of Scalable Computing and Systems(Shanghai Jiaotong University), Shanghai 200240, China)
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Received:March 28, 2017    Revised:June 20, 2018
> 中文摘要: 区块链的本质是分布式账本.它作为比特币的底层技术日益被熟知,具有去中心化、开放性、自治性、信息不可篡改、匿名性的特点.区块链即服务(blockchain as a service)则是把区块链当作基础设施,并在其上搭建各种满足普通用户需求的应用,向用户提供服务.区块链即服务已成为云计算领域的研究重点.研究了区块链即服务最新的技术发展状况,结合行业研究和企业实践探索,对区块链即服务的架构以及各模块功能进行了概要设计说明,为区块链即服务的发展提供了通用架构模型.另外,分析了结合区块链即服务的云计算相关技术特点,并给出了可能的攻击模型.最后,结合行业区块链即服务的应用,对区块链即服务的技术前景进行了展望.
中文关键词: 区块链  区块链即服务  云服务
Abstract:Known as the core technology of bitcoin, blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, which is decentralizated, open, tamper-resistant, and autonomous. BaaS (blockchain as a service) takes blockchain as infrastructure and provides many services satisfying the user requirements. BaaS has become the focus of the cloud computing. This study discusses the architecture of BaaS and the preliminary design of each module, referring to the corresponding researches of BaaS and the current related enterprise projects. It is also analyzed that the characteristics of related technologies while integrating cloud computing with BaaS and the possible threat model is given. At last, the future prospects of BaaS are analyzed after investigating the current BaaS applications. In summary, this study aims to provide a full-knowledge and a reference architectural model of BaaS.
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基金项目:国家自然科学基金(61572322,61772339,61525204) 国家自然科学基金(61572322,61772339,61525204)
Foundation items:National Natural Science Foundation of China (61572322, 61772339, 61525204)
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ZHU Yu-Jin,YAO Jian-Guo,GUAN Hai-Bing.Blockchain as a Service: Next Generation of Cloud Services.Journal of Software,2020,31(1):1-19