Journal of Software:2016.27(8):2025-2047

(数据工程与知识工程教育部重点实验室(中国人民大学), 北京 100872;中国人民大学 信息学院, 北京 100872)
Survey on Incentive Mechanisms for Crowd Sensing
WU Yao,ZENG Ju-Ru,PENG Hui,CHEN Hong,LI Cui-Ping
(Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge of Ministry of Education (Renmin University of China), Beijing 100872, China;School of Information, Renmin University of China, Beijing 100872, China)
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Received:August 16, 2015    Revised:March 03, 2016
> 中文摘要: 近年来,作为一种新的感知环境、收集数据和提供信息服务的模式,群智感知逐渐成为当前的研究热点之一.激励机制是群智感知研究中的一个重要问题,即通过设计合理的激励方式来激励足够多的参与者参与感知任务,并提供高质可靠的感知数据.对近年来在群智感知激励机制方面的研究工作进行综述,首先概述群智感知和群智感知激励机制;然后从关键技术入手,介绍4类主要激励方式和6类核心研究问题;最后,对现有工作进行对比分析,总结研究挑战,并指出未来发展方向,为相关研究人员提供有价值的参考.
Abstract:In recent years, as a new method of environment sensing, data collecting and information providing, crowd sensing has gradually become one of the research highlights. Incentive mechanism is one of the most important research problems in crowd sensing. The method refers to certain mechanism design that encourages participants to join in sensing tasks and provide high-quality and reliable sensing data. This paper reviews the researches on incentive design of crowd sensing in recent years. First of all, crowd sensing and crowd sensing incentive design are introduced. Then, starting with key techniques, the main incentive methods and the core problems in incentive design are described. Finally, existing work, research challenges, and future directions are discussed. This work is to provide valuable reference for the related researchers.
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基金项目:国家自然科学基金(61532021,61272137,61202114);国家高技术研究发展计划(863)(2014AA015204);国家重点基础研究发展计划(973)(2012CB316205,2014CB340402) 国家自然科学基金(61532021,61272137,61202114);国家高技术研究发展计划(863)(2014AA015204);国家重点基础研究发展计划(973)(2012CB316205,2014CB340402)
Foundation items:National Natural Science Foundation of China (61532021, 61272137, 61202114); National High-Tech R&D Program of China (863) (2014AA015204); National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973) (2012CB316205, 2014CB34 0402)
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WU Yao,ZENG Ju-Ru,PENG Hui,CHEN Hong,LI Cui-Ping.Survey on Incentive Mechanisms for Crowd Sensing.Journal of Software,2016,27(8):2025-2047