Journal of Software:2013.24(6):1274-1294

(北京交通大学 下一代互联网互联设备国家工程实验室, 北京 100044)
Secure Routing Architecture Based on Accountability Realm
LU Ning-Ning,ZHANG Hong-Ke
(National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet Interconnection Devices, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China)
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Received:July 15, 2011    Revised:May 31, 2012
> 中文摘要: 为了解决前缀劫持、路由伪造和源地址欺骗问题,设计了一种路由体系——基于责任域的安全路由体系(accountability realm based secure routing architecture,简称Arbra).首先,提出了自治系统到责任域的映射方法和基于责任域的两级路由结构,责任域是具有独立管理主体的网络,也是Arbra 网络拓扑的基本元素,因为它为内部用户的网络行为负责,所以称做责任域;其次,建立了基于责任域的路由体系设计框架,主要包括混合寻址方案、核心路由协议、标签映射协议、分组转发流程和公钥管理机制等研究内容;最后,比较了Arbra 和其他著名路由结构(IPv4/v6,LISP,AIP)的异同,分析了Arbra 的安全性、可扩展性、通信性能和部署代价.研究结果表明:(1) Arbra 具有的分布式信任模型,不仅有利于抵御前缀劫持、路由伪造和源地址欺骗攻击,而且还给许多其他网络安全问题的解决奠定了基础;(2) Arbra 具有优良的可扩展性,路由表的规模较小;(3) Arbra 具有合理的通信性能和部署代价.该研究成果可以看做是以网络安全为视角对未来信息网络体系结构的有益探索.
Abstract:The study proposes a novel routing architecture, accountability realm based routing architecture (Arbra for short), to sovle prefix hijacking, routing forgery and source address spoofing. In Arbra, the accountability realm (AR) is an independently administered network operated by distinct administrative unit and also the basic element of network topology. Because AR should be responsible for the network actions of users in it, the paper calls it the accountability realm. This paper first designs a mapping method from automous system to AR, and then proposes a two-level routing architecture based on AR. Further, the study builds a routing design framework, which mainly includes a hybrid addressing scheme, core routing protocol, identifier mapping protocol, packet transmitting process and public key management mechanism. Finally, Arbra and other famous routing architecture (such as LISP, AIP, etc) are compared, and the study analyzes the security, scalability, performance and deployment of Arbra. Analysis and evaluations show that: (1) Arbra can solve prefix hijacking, route forgery and source address spoofing; (2) the routing table needed by Arbra is smaller, so we can say that Arbra has better scalability; (3) the performance and deployment cost of Arbra is reasonable. Above all, it is clear that Arbra is a feasible secure routing architecture.
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LU Ning-Ning,ZHANG Hong-Ke.Secure Routing Architecture Based on Accountability Realm.Journal of Software,2013,24(6):1274-1294