Journal of Software:2012.23(4):928-940

(北京邮电大学 网络与交换技术国家重点实验室 信息安全中心, 北京 100876;北京大学 软件与微电子学院, 北京 102600)
Multiplex Contract Signing Protocol
SUN Yan-Bin,GU Li-Ze,QING Si-Han,ZHENG Shi-Hui,YANG Yi-Xian
(Information Security Center, State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876, China;School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University, Beijing 102600, China)
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Received:August 13, 2010    Revised:March 21, 2011
> 中文摘要: 利用Cha-Cheon 的基于身份的签名方案提出了一个可证安全的基于身份的可验证加密签名(verifiablyencrypted signature,简称VES)方案,并利用该方案和基于身份的代理可验证加密签名(proxy verifiably encryptedsignature,简称PVES)方案提出了一个新颖的多元合同签署协议.信息交换过程中,原始签名者或代理签名者分别利用VES 或PVES 实现承诺消息的交换与认证,并未使用复杂的零知识证明系统,从而有效避免了大量运算.当争议发生时,可信第三方从VES 或PVES 中恢复出有效的合同签名,以保证签署者的公平性.安全性分析结果表明,协议满足不可否认性、时效性以及公平性.
Abstract:Utilizing the Cha-Cheon’s identity-based signature scheme, a provably secure identity-based verifiably encrypted signature (VES) scheme is proposed. Utilizing the proposed scheme and identity-based proxy verifiably encrypted signature (PVES) scheme, a novel multiplex contract signing protocol is also proposed. The original signer or proxy signer uses VES or PVES to realize the interaction and certification of the commitment message in the information exchange process. The proposed scheme does not need the zero-knowledge proof and excessive computation. An optimized trusted third party who participates in the protocol extracts the formal signature from the VES or PVES only when problem occurs. The performance analysis results show that the scheme satisfies non-repudiation, timeliness and fairness.
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基金项目:国家自然科学基金(60970135, 90718001, 60821001); 国家重点基础研究发展计划(973)(2007CB310704) 国家自然科学基金(60970135, 90718001, 60821001); 国家重点基础研究发展计划(973)(2007CB310704)
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SUN Yan-Bin,GU Li-Ze,QING Si-Han,ZHENG Shi-Hui,YANG Yi-Xian.Multiplex Contract Signing Protocol.Journal of Software,2012,23(4):928-940