Journal of Software:2012.23(4):878-893

(中国科学院 软件研究所, 北京 100190; 信息安全国家重点实验室(中国科学院 研究生院), 北京 100049; 中国科学院 研究生院, 北京 100049)
Non-Intrusive Backplane-Based Testing Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks
ZHAO Zhong-Hua,HUANGFU Wei,SUN Li-Min,ZHOU Xin-Yun
(Institute of Software, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China; State Key Laboratory of Information Security (Graduate University, The Chinese Academy of Sciences), Beijing 100049, China; Graduate University, The Chinese Academy of Sciences)
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Received:September 21, 2010    Revised:January 20, 2011
> 中文摘要: 精确的网络运行状态监视和性能评估对于无线传感器网络的研究和实际部署具有极为关键的意义,而现有的测试技术和测试平台对无线传感器网络的自身运行存在一定的打扰,测试数据的精度也受限于传感器节点的硬件配置.针对现有测试技术和测试平台的缺陷,提出了内部侦听的测试方式,并进一步研发了基于零打扰测试背板的无线传感器网络测试平台.测试平台首先通过由额外的测试背板直接捕获传感器节点内部互连信号,产生测试数据;然后测试数据经由额外的传输网络传送到测试服务器,进行解析和预处理;最后,远程访问客户端通过订阅机制访问测试服务器上的测试数据,并对其分析和处理.测试平台在避免对无线传感器网络正常运行产生干扰的前提下,实现对运行时刻的无线传感器网络的高精度零打扰的透明测试.实验结果表明,基于零打扰测试背板的无线传感器网络测试平台可以对无线传感器网络进行信号分析、协议验证,并对性能进行精确的评估.
Abstract:Accurate runtime monitoring and testing is critical in the successful field deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Conventional techniques that demand extra reports from the sensor nodes could easily alter the node and network behaviors. The delay and asynchrony of the extra reports also implies that fine-grained monitoring can hardly be achieved. Sniff-Inside approach is presented in this case, and a non-intrusive backplane-based testing platform for wireless sensor networks is developed. With auxiliary test boards, the testing platform directly captures chip-level signals from wireless sensor nodes and the captured data are transferred through independent network paths to a monitoring server. The remote access client gains access to the test server by subscribing to test data on the server and finishes the analysis and processing of test data. It has been demonstrated that the operations of the monitored WSN can be fully identified through parsing the chip-level data across different nodes. The experimental results show that, through chip-level signal sniffing, the testing platform effectively gathers accurate runtime data with no side effects on the spontaneous behavior of sensor networks. The case study further shows the testing platform facilitates the tests of high-level functionalities, such as signal analysis, protocol verification and accurate evaluation of network performance.
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ZHAO Zhong-Hua,HUANGFU Wei,SUN Li-Min,ZHOU Xin-Yun.Non-Intrusive Backplane-Based Testing Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks.Journal of Software,2012,23(4):878-893