Journal of Software:2012.23(3):582-593

XML 动态区间编码方法
(厦门大学 计算机科学系,福建 厦门 361005)
Dynamic Containment Labeling Scheme for XML
ZHUANG Can-Wei,FENG Shao-Rong,LIN Zi-Yu,ZHANG Dong-Zhan
(Department of Computer Science, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China)
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Received:December 31, 2009    Revised:July 28, 2010
> 中文摘要: 提出了适用于XML 文档更新环境下的区间编码方法— —DCLS(dynamic containment labeling scheme).DCLS 将基于整数的编码泛化到基于向量的编码,扩展了传统静态区间编码方法,有效避免了XML 文档更新时的重新编码.不论文档更新与否,DCLS 都显示了良好的性能:DCLS 利用基于整数的静态区间编码方法进行初始编码,在文档不更新的环境下,具有较高的存储效率和查询性能;同时,DCLS 将整数视为特殊向量,不仅能够支持文档更新,而且更新效率高;特别是倾斜插入时,DCLS 可以避免编码位长的快速增加.实验结果表明,与已有的动态区间编码方法相比,DCLS 具有更好的性能.
Abstract:A novel containment scheme called DCLS is proposed to effectively process updates in dynamic XML data. DCLS generalizes the static containment scheme from integer order to vector order and thus completely avoids re-labeling when XML data updating. Moreover, DCLS is compact and efficient regardless of whether the documents are updated or not. On the one hand, DCLS uses integer-based static containment scheme for initial labeling, which yields compact size and excellent query efficiency for static documents. On the other hand, DCLS takes the integer as special vector, which not only deals with the case of document updating, but also achieves high query performance. Most importantly, DCLS can effectively avoid the rapid increase of labeling size for the case of skewed insertions. Experimental results confirm the benefits of this approach compared to previous dynamic containment schemes.
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庄灿伟,冯少荣,林子雨,张东站.XML 动态区间编码方法.软件学报,2012,23(3):582-593

ZHUANG Can-Wei,FENG Shao-Rong,LIN Zi-Yu,ZHANG Dong-Zhan.Dynamic Containment Labeling Scheme for XML.Journal of Software,2012,23(3):582-593