Journal of Software:2011.22(9):2182-2192

抗DDoS 攻击的主动队列管理算法
(国防科学技术大学 计算机学院,湖南 长沙 410073)
Active Queue Management Algorithm to Counter DDoS Attacks
ZHANG Chang-Wang,YIN Jian-Ping,CAI Zhi-Ping,LIU Xin-Wang,LIN Jia-Run,ZHU Ming
(College of Computer, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073, China)
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Received:January 24, 2010    Revised:April 27, 2010
> 中文摘要: 提出一种能够在DDoS(distributed denial-of-service)攻击下保证现有正常网络流量的弹性随机公平蓝色(resilient stochastic fair blue,简称RSFB)算法.RSFB 算法根据数据流标记概率来识别良性数据流,并将识别出的良性数据流记录更新到一个良性数据流队列(benign flow queue,简称BFQ)中.算法再根据BFQ 中的良性数据流记录来保证良性数据流数据包的顺利传输.通过开展一系列实验,评估对比了RSFB 算法和几个著名主动队列管理(act
Abstract:A resilient stochastic fair blue (RSFB) algorithm is proposed to preserve the existing normal network throughput under DDoS attacks. RSFB algorithm identifies benign flows according to their marking probability, which is derived from the stochastic fair blue algorithm. All the identified benign flows are then recorded in a benign flow queue (BFQ). Finally, the RSFB algorithm ensures the transportation of the packets from benign flows to the BFQ. A series of simulations are carried out to evaluate the anti-attack performance of RSFB and a serial of well known AQM algorithms. The results show that the RSFB algorithm i) is highly robust, ii) can well preserve the TCP throughput in the presence of DDoS attacks, iii) and obviously over performs the existing AQM algorithms when facing DDoS attacks.
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基金项目:国家自然科学基金(60970034, 61070198, 60803002, 60903040) 国家自然科学基金(60970034, 61070198, 60803002, 60903040)
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张长旺,殷建平,蔡志平,刘新旺,林加润,朱明.抗DDoS 攻击的主动队列管理算法.软件学报,2011,22(9):2182-2192

ZHANG Chang-Wang,YIN Jian-Ping,CAI Zhi-Ping,LIU Xin-Wang,LIN Jia-Run,ZHU Ming.Active Queue Management Algorithm to Counter DDoS Attacks.Journal of Software,2011,22(9):2182-2192