Journal of Software:2009.20(3):713-723

(计算机软件与新技术国家重点实验室(南京大学),江苏 南京 210093)
Mesh Simplification for 3D Models with Feature-Preserving
LU Wei,ZENG Ding-Hao,PAN Jin-Gui
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Received:October 19, 2007    Revised:March 14, 2008
> 中文摘要: 对已有的三维网格简化技术进行分析,利用半边折叠操作对QEM(quadric error metric)算法进行改进,提出了一种基于二次误差测度(QEM)的网格简化算法,解决了非连续外观属性在简化过程中的畸变问题.通过分析顶点与非连续外观接缝的关系,得出了一个新的边折叠代价公式,使得外观畸变在简化过程中尽可能地推迟;并且在执行半边折叠时给受影响的三角形找到了合适的替换wedge,避免外观畸变的发生.实验结果表明,该算法保持了QEM 算法的高效性,同时在几何属性和外观属性上都取得了令人满意的简化效果.
Abstract:This paper analyzes current mesh simplification methods, and proposes a algorithm based on the quadric error metric (QEM) for feature preserving. It adopts a Half-edge collapse method for mesh simplificationand modifies QEM to remove the discontinuities of appearance attributes. By analyzing the relationships betweenvertices and the discrete appearance seam, a new formula is obtained which enables the edge contraction topostpone the appearance; meanwhile a proper replacer is selected for the wedge in the triangle that has beenaffected by half-edge collapsing operation to avoid material distortion. Experimental results demonstrate that author’s algorithm achieves a similar high efficiency as QEM with desirable geometry and feature-preserving.
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基金项目:Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos.60473113, 60533080 (国家自然科学基金) Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos.60473113, 60533080 (国家自然科学基金)
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LU Wei,ZENG Ding-Hao,PAN Jin-Gui.Mesh Simplification for 3D Models with Feature-Preserving.Journal of Software,2009,20(3):713-723