Journal of Software:2009.20(3):671-681

(军械工程学院 计算机工程系,河北 石家庄 050003;北京系统工程研究所,北京 100101;清华大学 计算机科学与技术系,北京 100084;北京系统工程研究所,北京 100101)
Research on Smart Space Oriented Location Awareness Method
MING Liang,ZHAO Gang,XIE Gui-Hai,WANG Chun-Lei
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Received:July 19, 2007    Revised:October 26, 2007
> 中文摘要: 位置感知是智能空间中的重要技术.在分析了现有基于移动自组网的位置感知方法后,提出了一种基于多维定标(multidimensional scaling,简称MDS)的新的位置感知方法——SSOLA(smart space oriented locationawareness method),可以对智能空间中的无线通信节点进行精确定位,获得节点之间的相对位置(坐标);当有极少数位置已知的锚节点(2 维定标存在3 个以上锚节点,3 维定标存在4 个以上锚节点)时,可以得到全网所有节点的绝对位置(坐标).SSOLA 算法的设计思想是:以MDS 分析为核心,采用Euclidean 测距方法计算节点间距离矩阵,采用1 跳和2 跳局部图相结合的自适应选择机制构建局部图,各节点独立计算局部图,最终合成全局位置图.此外,SSOLA 还可以与OLSR 路由算法相融合,从整体上减轻了SSOLA 算法的执行开销,提高了定位效率.仿真实验结果表明,SSOLA 具有对锚节点依赖小、定位精度高、可扩展性好、执行速度快等优点,对原始测量误差也有较强的鲁棒性,可以应用于战术互联网、智能战场等大规模无线通信环境中.
Abstract:Smart space is a result of pervasive computing embodying the integration of computer, communication and digital media technology, which makes it possible to integrate the physical world and the virtual world in theinformation space together as a whole. Location awareness is a key technology of smart space, and is the basicservice needed by other applications. Multidimensional scaling (MDS) is a technique in mathematical psychology,which can the distance or dissimilarity measures between points and produce a representation of the data in a smallnumber of dimensions. In the paper, MDS is used to derive node locations that fit those estimated distances, and asmart space oriented location awareness method (SSOLA) is proposed, which can position all the nodes of thenetworks accurately only by means of the connectivity information—who is within communications range of whom.Provided with known positions for several anchor nodes, the absolute positions for all nodes can be got by SSOLA. Simulation studies demonstrate that SSOLA is more robust to measurement error, and has less positioning error, lesstime cost and better scalability than previous proposals in the same conditions. Furthermore, it can achievecomparable results using much fewer anchor nodes than previous methods, and even yields relative coordinateswhen no anchor nodes are available. SSOLA can be used in large and heavy traffic wireless environment, such asintelligent battlefield, tactical internet, etc.
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MING Liang,ZHAO Gang,XIE Gui-Hai,WANG Chun-Lei.Research on Smart Space Oriented Location Awareness Method.Journal of Software,2009,20(3):671-681