Journal of Software:2008.19(10):2550-2561

(中国科学院 软件研究所,北京 100190; 中国科学院 研究生院,北京 100049)
Value Equality Analysis in C Program API Conformance Validation
MENG Ce,HE Ye-Ping,LUO Yu-Xiang
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Received:August 19, 2007    Revised:October 12, 2007
> 中文摘要: 在实际中对C代码进行API一致性检验的过程中发现,API(application programming interface)规范大都涉及以数值为论域的时序性质,与在静态分析过程中所能获取的以变量符号为占位符的独立语义之间存在分析上的缺口.在仔细考察C代码变量符号间等值关系的基础上,给出基于值等价类空间的等值分析方法.这种流相关的分析方法不仅可以在API一致性检验的过程中维护变量符号域和数值域之间的对应关系,而且由于能够屏蔽等值关系以外的其他信息,还可以为后继分析的优化提供有力的支持.
Abstract:In the attempt to apply static analysis method to API (application programming interface) conformance validation, It is noticed that the gap between numeric value based temporal properties in API specification and variable symbol based predicates extracted through static analysis. Therefore, the paper first investigates value equality relations between variable symbols in C program, and then designs an ECS (equality class space) based value equality analysis method. This flow-sensitive method can maintain the correspondence between variable symbol domain and numeric value domain during the process of API conformance validation, and in addition, can effectively support the optimization of subsequent analysis by hiding all irrelevant information except value equality relations.
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孟 策,贺也平,罗宇翔.C代码API一致性检验中的等值分析.软件学报,2008,19(10):2550-2561

MENG Ce,HE Ye-Ping,LUO Yu-Xiang.Value Equality Analysis in C Program API Conformance Validation.Journal of Software,2008,19(10):2550-2561