Journal of Software:2008.19(3):565-583

(电子科技大学 计算机科学与工程学院,四川 成都 610054)
Granular Rough Theory Research
CHEN Bo,ZHOU Ming-Tian
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Received:November 17, 2006    Revised:August 03, 2007
> 中文摘要: 从动机、理论和实现三方面系统地阐述了粒度粗糙理论体系.分析了构建粒度粗糙理论的3点动机:1) 通过显式编码语义上下文的信息表示模型,强调粗糙性的表示语义;2) 通过半结构化思想设计表示模型,扩展粗糙性方法适用的信息源;3) 通过构建纯粹总分学关系上的粗糙性,描述丰富的信息结构应用语境,扩展粗糙性方法到总分学推动的领域,并展示结合总分学和计算机科学创建新型跨学科方法学的潜力.理论上定义了粒度表示演算,使其兼具一般信息源和粗糙性方法底层表示系统的双重功能,在此基础上构造内核、外壳及主体信息颗粒,分别对应粗糙性的下界近似、边界区域及上界近似概念.实现上,提出了通过"实体-属性-值"模型开源系统进行粒度粗糙理论快速原型化的思路,从而提供实验平台验证理论的正确性,同时,更自然地对临床数据进行粗糙性分析.作为总结,阐述了粒度粗糙理论的意义、未解决问题及未来的研究方向.
Abstract:This paper systematically clarifies granular rough theory from three aspects for its motivation, theory and implementation. Three expectations that motivate granular rough theory are analyzed as follows: 1) to emphasize representative semantics of roughness, with explicitly encoded semantic contexts in underlying representation model; 2) to extend applicability of roughness to a wider range of information sources, with representation model designed to accommodate semi-structured data; 3) to describe a variety of application contexts of information structure, to adapt roughness methodology to disciplines driven by mereology, and to exhibit potentials of combining mereology and computer science in the sense of developing innovative interdisciplinary methodologies, with a pure mereological approach to roughness. From theoretic perspective, granular representation calculus is defined, which plays the role of common representation model for both ordinary information sources and roughness methodology. In terms of this model, corresponding to the notion of lower approximation, border region and upper approximation for roughness, Kernel granule, hull granule and corpus granule are constructed respectively. From pragmatic perspective, upon open source implementation of "Entity-Attribute-Value" model, a rapid prototyping method for granular rough theory is described to provide a test-bed for verification purpose and to apply the roughness methodology for analyzing clinical data more naturally. Significance of granular rough theory, some open problems and further research are summarized.
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陈 波,周明天.粒度粗糙理论研究.软件学报,2008,19(3):565-583

CHEN Bo,ZHOU Ming-Tian.Granular Rough Theory Research.Journal of Software,2008,19(3):565-583