Journal of Software:2007.18(10):2564-2571

Performance Analysis and Adaptive Scheme of Route Optimization in Mobile IPv6
XIAO Wen-Shu,ZHANG Yu-Jun,LI Zhong-Cheng
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Received:April 18, 2006    Revised:August 17, 2006
> 中文摘要: 移动IPv6中为解决三角路由(triangle routing,简称TR)问题,采用路由优化(route optimization,简称RO)作为缺省方案.但是,路由优化在减小路由开销的同时引入了新的信令开销,因此,并非在任何情况下路由优化都优于三角路由.目的是对比在不同网络条件下路由优化和三角路由的开销,提出更有效的适应性路由优化策略.采用数学模型进行分析,引入数据到达率、移动切换率及MN(mobile node)和HA(hone Agent),CN(correspondent node)的位置关系等关键参数,得到分别采用RO和TR的总开销的表达式;引入数据到达率和移动率比值(packet-to-mobility,简称PMR)、节点间距离的关系来权衡数据和信令开销,得到总开销随相关参数变化的数值结果;基于这些分析提出了PMRRO(packet-to-mobility route optimization)适应性路由优化策略:以总开销的最小化为目标,以PMR阈值作为指标,通过适应性调整来决策MN和CN之间的路由选择.模拟验证表明,该策略有比单纯采用TR和RO更好的性能,是为移动管理减少开销、提高效率提出的可行方案.
中文关键词: MIPv6  路由优化  开销  PMR
Abstract:In mobile IPv6,a route optimization (RO) protocol is proposed to solve the triangle routing (TR) problem,which allows packets to be routed along an "optimal" path. However,RO introduces additional control massages which may cause high signaling costs,and thus RO is not always optimal. The main idea of this paper is to make a performance comparison between TR and RO under diverse network conditions,and find a more effective routing scheme. Several key parameters are introduced into the mathematical analysis such as the packet arrival rate,the mobility rate and the distance,and the total cost function is founded to capture the trade off between network resources consumed by signaling and data routing. Based on the analysis,a new scheme (packet-to-mobility route optimization,PMRRO) is proposed to minimize the total cost. In PMRRO,the route between the MN (mobile node) and the CN (correspondent node) is chosen adaptively according to the value of key parameters such as PMR (packet-to-mobility). Simulation results indicate that the PMRRO scheme has better performance than RO or TR,and it is useful to improve the efficiency of mobility management.
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XIAO Wen-Shu,ZHANG Yu-Jun,LI Zhong-Cheng.Performance Analysis and Adaptive Scheme of Route Optimization in Mobile IPv6.Journal of Software,2007,18(10):2564-2571