Journal of Software:2007.18(4):1068-1076

Mission Reliability Analysis of Generalized Phased Mission Systems
MO Yu-Chang,YANG Xiao-Zong,CUI Gang,LIU Hong-Wei
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Received:October 24, 2005    Revised:October 24, 2005
> 中文摘要: 研究一般PMS的任务可靠性分析.首先给出一个五元组分析模型,该模型能够有效描述阶段持续时间是随机分布的、阶段内行为特性符合马尔可夫再生过程的一般PMS;为了降低计算复杂度,分析模型的求解过程由两个步骤组成,首先利用马尔可夫再生过程理论,给出一般PMS的阶段内随机过程分析公式和简化计算方法;然后给出一般PMS任务可靠性分析公式和简化计算方法.应用该分析模型和求解方法,可以有效地对一般PMS进行可靠性分析.
Abstract:To attack the weak points of the state-of-the-art, this paper shows how to analyze mission reliability of the generalized PMS with random phases duration and Markov regenerative intraphase processes. These generalized PMS are modeled under a simple and practical 5-tuple analysis model. This paper proves that the underlying intraphase processes are Markov regenerative processes and shows how to compute the conditional transient occupation probability matrix for each phase. Then it shows how to use these matrices to compute mission reliability of the generalized PMS. Using Laplace transformation can simplify the whole analysis process. Equipped with the analysis model, reliability of the generalized PMS can be efficiently analyzed.
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MO Yu-Chang,YANG Xiao-Zong,CUI Gang,LIU Hong-Wei.Mission Reliability Analysis of Generalized Phased Mission Systems.Journal of Software,2007,18(4):1068-1076