Journal of Software:2006.17(zk):262-268

(北京交通大学 经济管理学院,北京 100044;山东经济学院 信息管理学院,山东 济南 250014;山东经济学院 数理经济研究所,山东 济南 250014)
Intelligent Agent-Based Knowledge Management in E-Commerce
ZHANG Xin,LIU Wei-Long,JIN Fang
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Received:March 30, 2006    Revised:October 08, 2006
> 中文摘要: 通过运用智能Agent技术解决了客户知识获取的问题.建立了基于智能Agent的电子商务知识管理框架,运用买方Agent获取客户知识,卖方Agent检索相匹配的产品信息;还运用ontology对产品和客户进行建模,并构造了基于ontology的产品分类学习算法.最后,通过原型的验证证明智能Agent技术能够有效地获取客户知识,也提高了产品信息检索的精度与速度.研究结果为电子商务环境下的客户知识管理提供了新思路.
中文关键词: Agent  知识管理  电子商务  ontology
Abstract:This article addresses the customer knowledge acquisition by using the intelligent Agent technology. This article establishes intelligent Agent based knowledge management framework for electronic commerce, and utilizes buyer Agent as a tool for acquiring customer knowledge, and seller Agent as a tool for retrieving the matched the product information. This paper also constructs models of the product and the customer, and designs a kind of ontology-based product classification learning algorithm. Finally, a proof of prototype is implemented to effectively acquire the customer knowledge through intelligent Agent technology, and also to enhance the product information retrieval precision and speed. This result provides a new approach to customer knowledge management under the electronic commerce environment.
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基金项目:Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province of China under Grant No.Y2004G04 (山东省自然科学基金) Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province of China under Grant No.Y2004G04 (山东省自然科学基金)
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张 新,刘位龙,金 芳.基于智能Agent的电子商务知识管理.软件学报,2006,17(zk):262-268

ZHANG Xin,LIU Wei-Long,JIN Fang.Intelligent Agent-Based Knowledge Management in E-Commerce.Journal of Software,2006,17(zk):262-268