Journal of Software:2006.17(zk):192-199

(山东大学威海分校 信息工程学院,山东 威海 264209;中国科学院 计算技术研究所,北京 100080)
A Method of Creating Grid Service and Its Application in Pervasive Computing
HE Hong,GONG Peng,LIN Zong-Kai
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Received:March 30, 2006    Revised:October 20, 2006
> 中文摘要: 通过研究普适应用对网格计算平台的内在需求,提出了在网格中创建大量瞬时服务以支持普适计算的理论与方法,给出了可重用的基本模块化网格服务的创建方法,包括构造标准化接口、抽象基本功能、部署运行时环境、集成应用系统以及在工程实践中设计瞬时服务的侧重点,并且在一个明确的网格工程背景下验证了该方法的简单、高效和安全性,瞬时服务随时随地可用,为用户提供了满意的服务.
中文关键词: 网格  瞬时服务  普适计算  软件部署
Abstract:By means of exposing the internal relationships between open Grid service architecture and pervasive applications, the fundamental theories and common methods of using transient Grid services to support pervasive computing are put forward. This paper shows how to construct standard interfaces, abstract basic functions, deploy runtime environment, integrate application systems and design transient services in engineering practice. The research background is a tax Grid engineering of services-oriented architecture which is described in detail. Experimental results show that this method is of simple, efficient and good at security, and transient Grid services can be used at all times and all places providing satisfied flexibility and adaptabilities to clients.
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贺 红,龚 蓬,林宗楷.网格服务创建方法及其在普适计算中的应用.软件学报,2006,17(zk):192-199

HE Hong,GONG Peng,LIN Zong-Kai.A Method of Creating Grid Service and Its Application in Pervasive Computing.Journal of Software,2006,17(zk):192-199