Journal of Software:2006.17(6):1338-1348

Research on Generic Adaptive Software Architecture Style
HUANG Shuang-Xi,FAN Yu-Shun,ZHAO Yu
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Received:January 09, 2006    Revised:January 09, 2006
> 中文摘要: 研究并提出一类通用的适应性软件体系结构风格.通过对适应性软件体系结构的基本特性分析,抽取适应性软件体系结构的通用框架,建立基于多视图建模理论的集成化适应性软件体系结构参考模型,给出多视图模型的演化与映射规律.基于元建模和图转换理论,提出模型映射一致性算法.最后,建立了适应性软件体系结构支撑环境.适应性软件体系结构适用于复杂软件系统,特别是网络环境下大型、开放式软件系统的开发和实施.
Abstract:The generic adaptive software architecture style is studied. Through the analysis of the basic characteristics of adaptive software architecture, the generic framework for adaptive software architecture is extracted. The integrated reference model of adaptive software architecture (ASA-IRM) is proposed based on multiview modelling theory. The rules of model mapping and evolution in ASA-IRM are discussed. The algorithm of model mapping consistency is proposed based on metamodelling and graph transformation theories. Finally, an integrated support environment for ASA-IRM is developed. The adaptive software architecture can be used in the development of complex software system, especially in open, networked environment.
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基金项目:Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.60504030 (国家自然科学基金) Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.60504030 (国家自然科学基金)
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HUANG Shuang-Xi,FAN Yu-Shun,ZHAO Yu.Research on Generic Adaptive Software Architecture Style.Journal of Software,2006,17(6):1338-1348