Journal of Software:2006.17(1):157-166

Ownership Proofs of Digital Works Based on Secure Multiparty Computation
ZHU Yan,YANG Yong-Tian,SUN Zhong-Wei,FENG Deng-Guo
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Received:June 30, 2004    Revised:May 08, 2005
> 中文摘要: 数字作品的所有权证明允许在不泄漏任何秘密信息和防止所有者欺骗的前提下,对版权声明进行验证.提出一种基于Proactive可验证秘密共享和安全多方计算的数字作品所有权证明方案.在该方案中,可验证秘密共享,保证了所有权秘密的正确性,并防止对协议参与者的欺骗.通过Proactive安全提供自动恢复功能来保证协议生存周期内秘密的完整性和安全性.使用安全多方计算和同态承诺的零知识证明,实现了所有权验证.在不假设可信方存在的前提下,所提出方案能够在没有太多成员合谋的情况下,完成有效计算并发现不忠实成员.
Abstract:Ownership proofs of digital works allow to justify the copyright claim to the buyers without revealing any secret information and prevent the owner from deceiving without the assumption of the trus ted individual. This paper proposes an ownership proofs scheme for digital works based on proactive verifiable secret sharing and secure multiparty computation. In the proposed scheme, verifiable secret sharing ensures the correctness of ownership secrets and achieves security against cheating participants. Proactive security provides an automatic recovery feature to maintain the integrity and security of secret throughout the lifetime of the scheme. Furthermore,the ownership verification is implemented by using secure multiparty computation and zero-knowledge proofs with homomorphic commitments. Without the assumption of the existence of a trusted individual, the proposed scheme can provide effective computation and discover the dishonesty if not too many individuals collude.
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ZHU Yan,YANG Yong-Tian,SUN Zhong-Wei,FENG Deng-Guo.Ownership Proofs of Digital Works Based on Secure Multiparty Computation.Journal of Software,2006,17(1):157-166