Journal of Software:2006.17(1):69-78

A Domain Model of Pen-Based User Interface Software and Its Usage
QIN Yan-Yan,TIAN Feng,WANG Xiao-Chun,DAI Guo-Zhong
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Received:April 11, 2005    Revised:June 02, 2005
> 中文摘要: 笔式用户界面软件以其自然、高效的交互方式,在很多领域中有着广泛的应用.笔式用户界面软件具有以交互为中心、用户个性化需求高的特点,由此也决定了用户在软件设计中的主导地位.以用户为中心的设计的关键问题在于,如何使用户的思想如实地反映到设计中.通过建立笔式用户界面软件特征模型PUIDM(thedomain model for pen-based user interface software),构造了一个连接用户与软件设计的平台.从上下文、软件实体、界面特征、体系结构等角度,对该模型的建立进行分析,并给出了相应的XML描述.在此基础上,描述了用户使用该模型进行软件设计的过程.实例表明,PUIDM能够正确引导用户进行设计,将用户意图充分地引入到软件设计和最终实现中,使软件满足可用性要求.
Abstract:Pen-Based user interface software is widely applicable due to its natural and efficient interaction style, whose important characteristics are interaction-centered and individual by user-required. In order to map the intention of users into the designs exactly and efficiently, PUIDM(Pen based User Interfaces software Domain Model) is presented, which is described and analyzed from the aspects of context, component, UI features and architecture, and implemented based on XML. Moreover, a user-centered design process based on the PUIDM is introduced. Experiments show that PUIDM can guide the process of design exactly and efficiently and make the designed software achieve the demand of usability.
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QIN Yan-Yan,TIAN Feng,WANG Xiao-Chun,DAI Guo-Zhong.A Domain Model of Pen-Based User Interface Software and Its Usage.Journal of Software,2006,17(1):69-78