Journal of Software:2006.17(1):59-68

Directed Hypergraph Based and Resource Constrained Enterprise Process Structure Optimization
SUN Xue-Dong,XU Xiao-Fei,WANG Gang
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Received:June 21, 2005    Revised:August 15, 2005
> 中文摘要: 为了提高企业过程结构优化的实用性、合理性以及计算机支持性,提出了基于有向超图和资源约束的优化方法.根据优化需求,通过对考虑了支持资源的过程进行不同的有向超图建模,利用有向超图的性质以及超图上所附加的过程语义,把过程结构优化转化为有向超图的切割和活动合并问题,并给出具体求解过程.求得的过程为一个结构和支持资源都优化的过程.最后,通过举例验证该方法可行、有效.
Abstract:To improve the practicability and rationality of enterprise process structure optimization, an optimizing method based on directed hypergraph and resource constraint is presented. It models the resource-added process by a directed hypergraph. Based on the directed hypergraph theory and the process meaning added to the hypergraph, the process-structure-optimizing problem is transformed into the directed hypergraph cutting problem, and a set of formal optimizing rules of the process is given too. Then a process whose structure and supporting resource are optimized is obtained. Finally, an example is given to prove the feasibility and effectiveness of this method.
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SUN Xue-Dong,XU Xiao-Fei,WANG Gang.Directed Hypergraph Based and Resource Constrained Enterprise Process Structure Optimization.Journal of Software,2006,17(1):59-68