Journal of Software:2005.16(7):1314-1322

A Distributed Dynamic Micro-Mobility Management Scheme for Mobile IPv6
WANG Sheng-Ling,LIU Guo-Rong,SHEN Jun-Yi,HOU Yi-Bin,HUANG Jian-Hui
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Received:November 10, 2003    Revised:July 27, 2004
> 中文摘要: 为了弥补移动IP不能支持主机高速移动的缺陷,提出了一种分布式动态型微移动管理方案.该方案在网络中放置多个区域移动代理来实现分布式的域内主机移动管理,并提出一种由主机根据自身的移动特点及获悉的网络参数动态地选择区域移动代理和区域大小的算法,该算法使得主机在域内产生的信令代价和分组传递代价达到最小,且没有对网络拓扑结构和区域移动代理的位置做任何强制性要求.分析表明,当主机的平均分组到达率增加时,区域大小减小而总代价增加;当主机在接入路由器的平均驻留时间增加时,区域大小和总代价均减小.最后,在与分层移动IPv6方案的性能比较中发现,分层移动IPv6方案在几种不同区域大小情况下产生的总代价都比该方案可能产生的最大总代价要高.
Abstract:A distributed dynamic micro-mobility management scheme is proposed to make up the deficiency of not supporting well for highly Mobile Host (MH) in Mobile IP. The scheme places a few of Regional Mobility Agents (RMA) to distributedly manage hosts’ mobility in region. An algorithm is presented for MH to decide its RMA and regional size in terms of its mobility characteristics and some informed network parameters, which results in minimum signaling cost and packet delivery cost, but does not impose any restrictions on network’s topology and RMAs’ locations. Analysis shows when MH’s average packet arrival rate increases, the regional size decreases while the total cost increases; when MH’s average residence time in Access Router increases, both the regional size and total cost decrease. Finally, a performance comparison demonstrates that the total costs produced in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 with several distinct regional sizes are all higher than the possible highest total cost produced in the scheme.
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WANG Sheng-Ling,LIU Guo-Rong,SHEN Jun-Yi,HOU Yi-Bin,HUANG Jian-Hui.A Distributed Dynamic Micro-Mobility Management Scheme for Mobile IPv6.Journal of Software,2005,16(7):1314-1322