Journal of Software:2004.15(12):1776-1786

(Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, USA;IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA)
Automatic Alignment of Tiled Displays for a Desktop Environment
Grant Wallace,,Kai Li
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Received:August 30, 2004    Revised:September 06, 2004
> 中文摘要: 通过拼贴一组投影仪来构建高分辨率显示系统已成为现在一个较实际的办法.但是,这样的高分辨率显示系统用途有限,因为它们需要在定制的并行机或个人计算机集群上运行一些专门开发的并行形象化程序才能实现.针对个人计算机桌面环境下的任意拼贴显示给出了一种自动对准机制,使得桌面用户可以在其上运行普通的桌面应用软件.该系统包括3个步骤:检测投影仪对齐失准,计算出纠正所需之变换,对桌面环境进行实时的变形.这样就允许用户在运行任何2D,3D或视频程序时无须作任何修改,也无须使用专门的硬件支持.实验结果表明,系统能够获得亚像素级的精度,并且能在系统性能衰减最小的情况下达到实时变形.
Abstract:Tiling an array of projectors has become a practical way to construct a high resolution display system.Unfortunately, such high-resolution display systems have limited use because they require specially developed parallel visualization programs that run on a custom-designed parallel machine or a PC cluster. This paper presents an automatic alignment mechanism for arbitrarily tiled displays running a desktop environment so that users can run ordinary applications developed for desktop PCs. The system consists of three primary procedures: detecting projector misalignment, calculating corrective transformations, and real-time warping for the desktop environment. This allows users to run any 2D, 3D or video applications without modifications or special hardware support. Our experiments indicate that the system is able to achieve sub-pixel accuracy and achieve real-time warping with minimum system performance degradation.
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Grant Wallace,Han Chen,Kai Li.桌面环境下拼贴显示的自动对准.软件学报,2004,15(12):1776-1786

Grant Wallace,Kai Li.Automatic Alignment of Tiled Displays for a Desktop Environment.Journal of Software,2004,15(12):1776-1786