Journal of Software:2004.15(12):1764-1775

(BISS, Bremen Institute for Safe Systems, Germany)
A Safe and Robust Approach to Shared-Control via Dialogue
Bernd Krieg-Brückner,Hui Shi,Robert J Ross
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Received:June 18, 2004    Revised:September 06, 2004
> 中文摘要: 在共享控制系统中,比如智能服务机器人,操作员和自动化专门系统相互配合,共同控制.有效的共享控制需要复杂的系统体系结构,该结构可以提供安全鲁棒的运行,提供对用户友好的界面.满足这两项需求是一个不寻常的任务.介绍了解决这些问题的方法.首先给出一个以会话为中心采用面向代理编程和形式化方法的认知控制体系结构.采用混成设计的SharC认知控制体系结构,可以区分协同代理群体中每一个遥控设备的控制.安全性对共享控制系统来说是极为重要的,因此这种体系结构必须能够保证较高的安全性.最后,描述了作为控制系统核心的形式化建模会话管理器,通过示范平台中自动轮椅的例子说明这些不同的软件范例的应用.
Abstract:In shared-control systems, such as intelligent service robots, a human operator and an automated technical system are interdependently in charge of control. Effective shared control requires complex system architectures that provide safety and robustness in operation, while providing a user-friendly interface--provision of these dual requirements is a non-trivial task. This paper reports on an approach to addressing these issues. A dialogue centric cognitive control architecture is presented, which utilizes both agent-oriented programming and formal methods. The SharC Cognitive Control Architecture is a hybrid design that distributes control of a robot amongst a community of deliberative intentional agents. Since safety is of paramount importance in shared-control systems, high-level safety issues must be addressed within such architectures. To this end, the authors also describe a formally modeled dialogue manager that sits at the heart of the control system. The use of these distinct software paradigms is illustrated, by example, with the demonstration platform: Rolland, the Bremen autonomous wheelchair.
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Bernd Krieg-Brückner,Hui Shi,Robert J Ross.基于会话的安全、鲁棒共享控制方法.软件学报,2004,15(12):1764-1775

Bernd Krieg-Brückner,Hui Shi,Robert J Ross.A Safe and Robust Approach to Shared-Control via Dialogue.Journal of Software,2004,15(12):1764-1775