Journal of Software:2004.15(11):1720-1732

Cooperative Visual Hypermedia and Its Application in Cooperative Learning
WANG Wei-Gang
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Received:March 17, 2004    Revised:June 11, 2004
> 中文摘要: 在分布式合作学习环境中,学生和老师需要一个共享的信息空间去与学习材料交互作用,并从中知晓合作者的存在及其活动.学生和老师还需要一些协同和通信手段去协调他们共同的活动.为此,提出了一种视觉化协同超媒体技术.它可以提供所需的共享信息空间.在此空间中,形象的超媒体对象既可以表示学习材料(学习内容),又可以表示学习过程(学习方法).这种协同超媒体集成了灵活的过程支持、通信渠道以及文件处理功能.因而,它可以支持学生(和老师)按一定的学习方法并通过文字或声音渠道去协调他们共同的学习活动.这种协同超媒体可以通过万维网(浏览器)访问.为了揭示这种技术的实用性,还给出了一个案例和一些用户体验.
Abstract:In a distributed cooperative learning setting, learners and tutors need a shared information space to interact with learning materials and to acquire awareness of their cooperators’ presence and activities. Learners and tutors also require some coordination and communication means to harmonize their actions. For this purpose, a cooperative visual hypermedia technology is developed. It can provide a shared information space in which editable visual hypermedia objects can represent not only learning materials (i.e. the content) but also learning processes (i.e. the coordination and learning strategies). The cooperative hypermedia is integrated with process support, communication channels, and document handling. Therefore, it can coordinate learners’ activities through specific learning processes and textual or audio communication tools. For wide availability, the cooperative hypermedia and its associated documents are made accessible from the Web. To show the strength and the weakness of the approach, a use case together with some user experience is also presented.
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WANG Wei-Gang.Cooperative Visual Hypermedia and Its Application in Cooperative Learning.Journal of Software,2004,15(11):1720-1732