Journal of Software:2004.15(6):891-898

Detecting Salient Regions Based on Location Shift and Extent Trace
ZHANG Peng,WANG Run-Sheng
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Received:June 01, 2004    
> 中文摘要: 借鉴心理学中有关视觉注意的研究成果,提出了一个基于视点转移和视区追踪的显著区域检测模型.它首先通过视点转移利用全局显著性度量找到显著区域的位置,然后通过视区追踪利用局部显著性度量确定显著区域的尺寸,并通过视点转移与视区追踪的循环交替依次得到一系列显著区域.根据该模型开发出了一个新的显著区域检测算法.将其应用于多种真实图像,在检测效果、运算速度和抗噪能力等方面均获得了较为满意的实验结果.
Abstract:A model for detecting salient regions in an image based on location shift and extent trace is proposed in this paper. In this model, the detection is divided into two stages: the first one is location shift at which the location of a new salient region is found according to the global saliency measurement, and the second is extent trace at which the size of the salient region is chosen according to the local saliency measurement. In this way, a series of salient regions are detected through the alternation of location shift and extent trace. Based on this model, a novel algorithm is presented. The results of experiments with many real images show the algorithm is effective and efficient.
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ZHANG Peng,WANG Run-Sheng.Detecting Salient Regions Based on Location Shift and Extent Trace.Journal of Software,2004,15(6):891-898