Journal of Software:2004.15(4):571-583

A Recommendation-Based Peer-to-Peer Trust Model
DOU Wen,WANG Huai-Min,JIA Yan,ZOU Peng
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Received:April 28, 2003    Revised:June 30, 2003
> 中文摘要: 在诸如文件共享等无中心的Peer-to-Peer环境中,资源共享是用户自愿的行为.在这类系统中,由于用户不为自身的行为担负(法律)责任,因而节点间的信任关系往往很难通过传统的信任机制建立.一种更合理的考虑是参考人际网络中基于推荐的信任关系建立方法.现有的模型不能很好地解决模型的迭代收敛性问题,同时缺乏对诸如冒名、诋毁等安全性问题的考虑.针对上述问题,在节点推荐的基础上提出了一种基于Peer-to-Peer环境的信任模型,并给出了该模型的数学分析和分布式实现方法.分析及仿真表明,该信任模型较已有模型在迭代的收敛性、模型的安全性等问题上有较大改进.
中文关键词: 对等网络  信任  分布Hash表  冒名  诋毁
Abstract:For most peer-to-peer file-swapping applications, sharing is a volunteer action, and peers are not responsible for their irresponsible bartering history. This situation indicates the trust between participants can not be set up simply on the traditional trust mechanism. A reasonable trust construction approach comes from the social network analysis, in which trust relations between individuals are set up upon recommendations of other individuals. Current p2p trust model could not promise the convergence of iteration for trust computation, and takes no consideration for model security problems, such as sybil attack and slandering. This paper presents a novel recommendation-based global trust model and gives a distributed implementation method. Mathematic analyses and simulations show that, compared to the current global trust model, the proposed model is more robust on trust security problems and more complete on iteration for computing peer trust.
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DOU Wen,WANG Huai-Min,JIA Yan,ZOU Peng.A Recommendation-Based Peer-to-Peer Trust Model.Journal of Software,2004,15(4):571-583