Journal of Software:2004.15(2):286-291

A Multicast Routing Protocol with Multiple QoS Constraints
LI La-Yuan,LI Chun-Lin
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Received:March 31, 2003    Revised:September 18, 2003
> 中文摘要: 随着高性能网络、移动网络及Internet的不断发展,具有QoS约束的多播路由技术已成为网络及分布式系统领域的一个重要研究课题.研讨了具有多QoS约束的多播路由问题,其中主要包含延迟、延迟抖动、带宽、代价等QoS约束.描述了一种适应于研究QoS多播路由的网络模型,提出了一种具有多QoS约束的多播路由协议(multicast routing protocol with multiple QoS,简称MRPMQ).MRPMQ试图有效减少生成多QoS约束的多播树的开销.在MRPMQ中,一个多播组成员能够动态地加入/退出一个多播会晤,且不干扰现有的多播树.给出了该协议的正确性证明和复杂性分析.仿真实验结果表明,MRPMQ为多QoS约束多播路由提供了一种新的有效途径.
Abstract:Multicast routing is the process for establishing a tree which is rooted from the source node and contains all the multicast destinations. A multicast routing tree with multiple QoS constraints is the one in which the delay, delay jitter, packet loss and bandwidth should satisfy the pre-specified bounds. This paper discusses the multicast routing problem with multiple QoS constraints, deals with the delay, delay jitter, bandwidth and packet loss metrics, and describes a network model for investigating the routing problem. It presents a multicast routing protocol with multiple QoS constraints (MRPMQ). The MRPMQ attempts to significantly reduce the overhead for constructing a multicast tree with multiple QoS constraints. In the MPRMQ, a multicast group member can join or leave a multicast session dynamically without the disruption of the multicast tree. In this paper, the proof of correctness and the complexity analysis of the MRPMQ are also given. Simulation results show that the MRPMQ is an effective approach to multicast routing decision with multiple QoS constraints.
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LI La-Yuan,LI Chun-Lin.A Multicast Routing Protocol with Multiple QoS Constraints.Journal of Software,2004,15(2):286-291