Journal of Software:2003.14(11):1964-1970

A Fast Image Coding Algorithm Based on Human Visual System
WANG Xiang-Yang,YANG Hong-Ying
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Received:September 25, 2002    Revised:July 02, 2003
> 中文摘要: 提出了一种图像编码算法ESPIHT(extended set partitioning in hierarchical trees).该算法能够通过以下3项措施提高SPIHT算法工作效率:(1) 全面引入快速提升小波变换;(2) 重新定义扩充零树结构;(3) 综合考虑人眼视觉特性.实验结果表明, ESPIHT算法是一种高效的图像压缩算法,其编解码速度、图像复原质量、内存需求量等关键技术指标均优于SPIHT等编码算法(特别是在低比特率下).
Abstract:An image coding algorithm ESPIHT (extended set partitioning in hierarchical trees) based on fast lifted wavelet transform and human visual system is proposed in this paper. It can be regarded as an improved version of the SPIHT algorithm. However, unlike SPIHT, the fast lifted wavelet transform (FLWT) is used, the extended zerotree structure is redefined, and the human visual system (HVS) is taken into account sufficiently in the compression algorithm. The experimental results show that the new image compression scheme performs better than that of SPIHT in the aspects of recovery image quality and coding/decoding time.
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WANG Xiang-Yang,YANG Hong-Ying.A Fast Image Coding Algorithm Based on Human Visual System.Journal of Software,2003,14(11):1964-1970