Journal of Software:2003.14(11):1882-1890

A 3-Stage Voting Algorithm for Mining Optimal Ingredient Pattern of Traditional Chinese Medicine
XIANG Zheng-Gui
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Received:June 28, 2002    Revised:June 28, 2002
> 中文摘要: 提出了一种用于挖掘中药最优配方的三阶段选举筛选算法.首先对不同配方的中药新药的临床疗效数据进行可视化.然后,从可视化后的疗效数据曲线中提取若干疗效特征.最后,采用三阶段选举算法筛选新药配方.第一阶段是初选,每一实验样本投票产生指定配方指定指标的特征值.第二阶段是中选,指定配方指定指标的特征值投票产生指定配方指定指标的药效值.第三阶段是终选,每一指标的药效值投票产生指定配方的综合药效值.通过权衡所有配方的综合药效值,就可以找到最优中药配方.实验结果显示该方法对于这类问题是有效的,能较好挖掘出最优中药新药配方,并对新药的临床实验具有指导意义.该方法的潜在应用包括新药开发、风险投资最优组合和基因序列分析等.
Abstract:In this paper a voting algorithm is presented to mine the optimal ingredient pattern of Chinese medicine. First this paper visualizes the data about the curative effect of different prescriptions of Chinese medicine ingredients on several cardio-indexes. Then the features about the curative effect from the curves generated by visualizing the data are extracted. Finally, a voting algorithm is adopted in which votes are held in three stages: the preliminary vote generates the features of each test group and cardio-index by each sample; the metaphase vote obtains the value of the curative effect by each feature of the given group and index; the final vote mines the optimal ingredient pattern. Experimental results show that the method is effective for the kind of problems and instructive to clinic medicine experiment. Its potential applications include the development of new medicine, optimal combination investment of venture capital and gene series analysis etc.
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XIANG Zheng-Gui.A 3-Stage Voting Algorithm for Mining Optimal Ingredient Pattern of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Journal of Software,2003,14(11):1882-1890