Journal of Software:2003.14(11):1827-1833

A Parallel Debugger with Fast Conditional Breakpoint
LIU Jian,WANG Hao,SHEN Mei-Ming,ZHENG Wei-Min
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Received:September 25, 2002    Revised:September 25, 2002
> 中文摘要: 快速条件断点是高性能并行程序调试器中进程控制必备的功能之一.分析了快速条件断点基本原理以及快速条件断点设计中需要考虑的代码生成、代码插装和源程序对应等问题.并针对上述问题,提出了预编译与运行时编译结合的代码生成方式、动态代码插装、源断点标识技术等解决方案.利用经过改进的动态补丁码工具Dyninst,设计实现了并行程序调试器XBUSTER,并实现了快速条件断点这一重要功能.测试表明,XBUSTER的执行效率比传统条件断点高.与现有的基于动态插装的系统,如Ceder,ldb和Dyner相比,XBUSTER具有功能性强、可移植性好等鲜明特点.
Abstract:A fast conditional breakpoint is considered to be an essential process control capability of advanced high-performance parallel debuggers. In this paper, the fundamental principles for finding and implementing fast conditional breakpoints are introduced and the design problems associated with their implementations such as code generation, code instrumentation and source program mapping are discussed. Dynamic code instrumentation, combined with hybrid code generation and source breakpoint identification, provides a well-suited solution to those problems. Using an enhanced version of the Dyninst run-time code patching library, a fast conditional breakpoint in a parallel debugger, XBUSTER, is implemented. Compared with GDB experimental results show that XBUSTER can debug a program with a higher efficiency. Compared with other fast conditional breakpoint implementations based on dynamic instrumentation technique, XBUSTER is more portable and functional.
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LIU Jian,WANG Hao,SHEN Mei-Ming,ZHENG Wei-Min.A Parallel Debugger with Fast Conditional Breakpoint.Journal of Software,2003,14(11):1827-1833