Journal of Software:2003.14(5):1023-1028

IP Routing Architecture and Algorithm Based on End_Users Control
FAN Xiu-Mei,CHEN Chang-Jia
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Received:May 15, 2002    Revised:August 14, 2002
> 中文摘要: IP网络的路由体系结构及算法是网络有效运行的关键技术.现行的路由体系结构及算法在实际应用中存在着一些问题.针对该问题,提出一种端用户可控的IP网络路由体系结构和具体的路由算法.在提出的端用户可控的路由体系中,利用用户级别的自组织路由方法来简化路由器的负荷,增强端用户的智能性.模拟仿真实验表明,该路由体系的使用,将使路由器的任务简化为通报网络信息和协调用户决断这两个较为简单的功能,且路由选择的决断考虑到端用户的实际需求.该体系结构可以更好地适应网络规模和应用需求的不断扩大,形成一个分布式、扩展性较好的路由体系和有效的路由算法.
Abstract:IP routing architecture and algorithms of Internet is a sort of key technology. But in the practical application, the actual routing architecture and algorithms have still some problems. The purpose of this paper is to provide a sort of IP routing architecture and algorithms based on end_users control to resolve this problem. In this architecture, routing decision will be done mostly by end_users, but the task of router would be predigested to two simple functions, notify network information and assort with users decision .This paper will achieve above object through users self-organizing behaving. This architecture can adapt the extended requirement of network size and application need, and form a sort of distributed, scalable routing architecture and effective routing algorithm.
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FAN Xiu-Mei,CHEN Chang-Jia.IP Routing Architecture and Algorithm Based on End_Users Control.Journal of Software,2003,14(5):1023-1028