Journal of Software:2003.14(5):925-929

A Multi-Scale Skeletonization Algorithm Based on Non-Ridge Points Lowering Operation
CHEN Xiao-Fei,WANG Run-Sheng
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Received:July 01, 2002    Revised:November 04, 2002
> 中文摘要: 骨架是目标表示的一种重要方式.提出了一种基于区域标记直接从灰度图像中提取的骨架的新算法.算法对脊点概念作了补充撰述,组合利用了目标的轮廓与区域信息,采用了层次化的处理策略,适用于稳健地提取规则和不规则目标完整的多尺度骨架.所提取的骨架彼此连通、单像素宽并与原始图像拓扑一致.将算法应用于实际图像,检测到了与人视觉感知相一致的目标骨架.
Abstract:Skeleton is an important representation of objects. In this paper, an approach of extracting the skeleton based on the regions labeled from a gray image is developed. It specifies the complementary definitions of the ridge points, utilizes both contour and region information of an object, and uses hierarchical processing strategy. The multi-scale skeleton of an object can be robustly extracted, which is suitable for both regular and irregular objects. It is connected and single-pixel wide, and keeps the topological properties of the original object image. This approach is applied to real images, and the skeletons detected are consistent with visual apperception.
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CHEN Xiao-Fei,WANG Run-Sheng.A Multi-Scale Skeletonization Algorithm Based on Non-Ridge Points Lowering Operation.Journal of Software,2003,14(5):925-929