Journal of Software:2003.14(1):132-138

一个应用于移动Ad Hoc网络管理的簇生成算法
A Clustering Algorithm Applied to the Management of Mobile Ad Hoc Network
FENG Yong-Xin,WANG Guang-Xing,LIU Zhi-Guo,JIANG Yue-Qiu
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Received:July 10, 2001    Revised:February 28, 2002
> 中文摘要: 移动Ad hoc网络(mobile Ad hoc network,简称MANET)作为一种新型移动无线通信网,与其他通信网络相比独有的特性增加了网络管理的难度.目前对MANET网络管理的研究处于起步阶段,一些标准尚未制定,而且像存在单向链路和节点的相对移动性这类问题也在研究中被忽视.为此,提出了一个利用令牌机制与最小节点标识相结合,适用于层次性管理结构的基于图的MANET簇生成算法,以及对MIB(management information base)的建议性改进.算法充分考虑了网络存在的单向链路和节点的相对移动性,提高了网络管理的灵活性和可扩展性,为MANET的网络管理提出了一种新方法.
Abstract:The MANET (mobile Ad hoc network) is a new mobile wireless communication network. Comparing with the other communication network, the unique properties of MANET add the difficulties and challenges to the network management. Recently, the network management on MANET is on the initial stage and more accurate standards are not defined and in addition, some existing problems such as unidirectional links and relative mobility of nodes are ignored. Hence, a clustering algorithm based on graph with the token mechanism and node minimum identifier applied to hierarchical network management on MANET is proposed, as well as the amelioration to MIB (management information base) suggested. The algorithm puts the special unidirectional links and relative mobility into consideration, improves the flexibility and scalability in network management, and suggests a new idea to the network management as well.
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冯永新,王光兴,刘治国,姜月秋.一个应用于移动Ad Hoc网络管理的簇生成算法.软件学报,2003,14(1):132-138

FENG Yong-Xin,WANG Guang-Xing,LIU Zhi-Guo,JIANG Yue-Qiu.A Clustering Algorithm Applied to the Management of Mobile Ad Hoc Network.Journal of Software,2003,14(1):132-138