Journal of Software:2003.14(1):103-109

A UML-Based Model Analysis Method in Hardware-Software Codesign
CHEN Si-Gong,QIN Xiao,ZHANG Heng-Chong
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Received:August 13, 2001    Revised:December 19, 2001
> 中文摘要: 详细分析了Chonlameth Arpnikanondt提出的基于UML约束的嵌入式系统的软、硬件协同设计方法(CBC/UML),并指出了它运用于复杂的嵌入式系统设计时的不足.针对这些不足,扩展了约束的概念,提出了一套相应的改善方法.并利用中国科学院软件研究所研制智能电话机的例子具体阐述了该解决方法.
Abstract:In this paper, a UML approach applied in the CBC (constraint-based codesign) of embedded systems, which is presented by Chonlameth Arpnikanondt, is analyzed. Some deficiencies of the method when it is applied in the complicated embedded systems codesign are proposed. According to these deficiencies, the meaning of constraint is extended, and a solution is proposed to improve the efficiency in hardware/software codesign and is explained in detail with the example of mart phone system, which is developed by the Institute of Software, the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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CHEN Si-Gong,QIN Xiao,ZHANG Heng-Chong.A UML-Based Model Analysis Method in Hardware-Software Codesign.Journal of Software,2003,14(1):103-109