Journal of Software:2002.13(10):2031-2036

Image Retrieval Based on Color-Spatial Feature
WANG Tao,HU Shi-min,SUN Jia-guang
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Received:December 12, 2000    Revised:March 09, 2001
> 中文摘要: 虽然基于颜色直方图特征的图像检索方法简单、高效,但却丢失了颜色的空间分布信息.提出了一种基于颜色-空间特征的图像检索方法.该方法将图像内容看成由若干对象组成的集合,首先利用图像分割得到主要对象,然后根据对象的颜色、位置和形状特征计算图像间内容的相似度,再进行检索.实验结果表明,当图像中有明显的物体时,该方法与颜色直方图相比,能够更加准确和高效地查找出用户所需内容的图像,明显地提高了检索精度.
Abstract:The color histogram based image retrieval method is simple and efficient but losing the spatial distribution information of the color. In this paper, a color-space feature based image retrieval method is presented. The content of one image is looked as the aggregation of some main objects, which can be obtained by image segmentation. The total similarity between two images is computed according to these main objects?color, location and shape features and then retrieval there images. The experimental results show that the method is more accurate and efficient in retrieving the user interested images than color histogram method when there are obvious objects in the image.
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WANG Tao,HU Shi-min,SUN Jia-guang.Image Retrieval Based on Color-Spatial Feature.Journal of Software,2002,13(10):2031-2036