Journal of Software:2002.13(10):1962-1968

A Low-Cost Automatic Data Hoarding Algorithm for Mobile Environment
ZHOU Huan,LI Jing,FENG Yu-lin
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Received:December 19, 2000    Revised:March 09, 2001
> 中文摘要: 移动计算的一个重要难题是断连操作.数据收集过程是指在断连前把用户将来可能访问的数据预先存储到本地缓存的过程.收集过程的结果将明显影响断连操作的性能.提出了一种低开销的通用数据收集算法,在访问数据时同步建立数据之间的关联,并在数据关联的基础上自动选择要收集的数据集.模拟试验结果表明,该算法可以有效地提高断连操作时的cache 命中率,尤其适用于计算速度慢、存储容量小的手持移动设备.
中文关键词: 移动计算  cache  断连操作  数据收集  概率图
Abstract:Disconnected operation is a challenging issue in mobile computing. Data hoarding is the process of prefetching important data into local cache for future operation. The result of hoarding process will dramatically affect the performance of disconnected operation. A low-cost general hoarding algorithm is introduced to exploit relationship among the data items simultaneously when processing data requests and to select data for hoarding automatically. Simulation results show that this algorithm effectively improves cache hit rate in disconnected operation. And it is especially applicable for handheld mobile devices with low storage capacity and solw computing speed.
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ZHOU Huan,LI Jing,FENG Yu-lin.A Low-Cost Automatic Data Hoarding Algorithm for Mobile Environment.Journal of Software,2002,13(10):1962-1968