Journal of Software:2002.13(9):1852-1857

Recovering Material for a Homogeneous Object in an Environment from a Single High Dynamic Range Image
SUN Qi-min,WU En-hua
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Received:March 23, 2002    Revised:June 10, 2002
> 中文摘要: 提出一种从单幅高动态范围图像恢复一般环境中物体材质的方法,适用于单一材质物体,对物体形状和光照条件没有任何特殊要求.在一般光照环境中,获取被考察物体的一幅高动态范围图像以及用来近似物体光照的一个或几个高动态范围环境映照,然后用模拟退火算法求解逆向绘制问题.在求解过程中采用了基于图像的光照和光线跟踪技术,充分考虑了物体自身互反射的影响.最后得到了物体表面反射模型的最优参数.若与基于图像的建模技术相结合,可以根据真实物体的照片建立真实感模型.
Abstract:An approach is proposed to recover material of a homogeneous object in a general environment from a single high dynamic range image. There is no limitation on the shape and illumination condition of the object. In a general environment, acquire a high dynamic range image for an object and one or a few high dynamic range environment maps as illumination of the object. Then the simulated annealing algorithm is employed to solve the inverse rendering problem. In the course of optimization, image-based lighting and ray tracing techiques are used,and inter-reflection is calculated.Finally,oparameter valuse for the reflection model are obtained.Combined with the image-based modeling techniques,a realistic model can be created form images of a real object.
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SUN Qi-min,WU En-hua.Recovering Material for a Homogeneous Object in an Environment from a Single High Dynamic Range Image.Journal of Software,2002,13(9):1852-1857