Journal of Software:2001.12(10):1544-1551

(华中科技大学电子与信息工程系,湖北武汉 430074;图像信息处理与智能控制教育部重点实验室,湖北武汉 430074)
A Novel Method for Description Nonrigid Body Motion with Generalized Morpho-Interpolation
LIU Wen yu,ZHU Guang xi
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Received:September 21, 1999    Revised:May 24, 2000
> 中文摘要: 提出一种基于形态变换的非刚体运动的广义内插方法.通过对非刚体的凸剖分及凸子集全局优化匹配,与传统的线性内插方法相比,解决了任意非同拓扑结构(包括有孔及凹多边形)的内插问题.理论证明,此种内插方法是一种全局优化的内插方法,并证明了此方法的正确性,讨论了不同凸剖分对内插的影响,把非刚体的运动分解为非刚体的变形与刚体的旋转.实验证明,此内插方法效果自然,质量好,速度快,可用于非刚体运动描述及二维动画关键帧的内插.
Abstract:A generalized morpho-interpolation method for nonrigid body motion is proposed based on morpho translation. The problem of morpho-interpolation between two nonhomotopy polygons (including concave polygon and holey polygon) is solved by decomposing polygon into several individual convex subpolygons and constructing the matching of two convex subpolygons. It is proved that nonrigid body motion can be divided in to the composing of nonrigid body metamorphosis and rigid body rotating. The principle of the morpho-interpolation is also proved and the effects of morpho-interpolation with different convex decomposing are discussed. Experimental results show that this method can get the natural, higher quality metamorphosis sequence with simple computation and can be used in description of nonrigid body motion and automatically interpolation between two deyframes in 2D animation.
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基金项目:形态变换;广义形态内插;凸剖分;全局优化;非刚体 形态变换;广义形态内插;凸剖分;全局优化;非刚体
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LIU Wen yu,ZHU Guang xi.A Novel Method for Description Nonrigid Body Motion with Generalized Morpho-Interpolation.Journal of Software,2001,12(10):1544-1551