Journal of Software:2001.12(10):1510-1515

(华中科技大学电子与信息工程系,湖北武汉 430074;图像信息处理与智能控制教育部重点实验室,湖北武汉 430074)
A Fast Morphologic Addition Algorithm for Convex Polyhedron
LIU Wen yu,LI Hua,ZHU Guang xi
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Received:January 13, 2000    Revised:May 19, 2000
> 中文摘要: 在研究传统形态算法的基础上,将凸多面体的形态和算法简化为面与面的形态和,结合三维物体的法矢球模型,引入参考平面的概念.参考平面将三维空间的凸多边形分解成两部分,分别计算对应的两部分的形态和,并去掉重复边和面.提出一种凸多面体的快速形态算法,与传统方法相比,该方法简单、直观,算法效率可提高6~10倍.实验证明,该方法是可行的、有效的.
Abstract:On the base of analysis classic methods, the morphologic addition algorithm for convex polyhedron is predigested to the morphologic addition of faces in polyhedron. The concept of reference plane is introduced with the model of normal vector sphere for 3D objects, the convex polygons in 3D space are divided into two parts by the reference plane and morphologic addition of each corresponding part is calculated. Then the repetitionary faces and edges are deleted, a fast morphologic algorithm for convex polyheron is presented. The experimental results show that this method is 6~10 times faster than classic methods and works well.
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LIU Wen yu,LI Hua,ZHU Guang xi.A Fast Morphologic Addition Algorithm for Convex Polyhedron.Journal of Software,2001,12(10):1510-1515