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Sequence Association Rule Discovery Based on User Access Transaction Grammar
WANG Shi,GAO Wen,LI Jin tao
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Received:March 06, 2000    Revised:May 30, 2000
> 中文摘要: 在Web挖掘中,应用关联规则发现方法可以发现Web页面之间用户访问的关联度.由于Web站点内含丰富的页面结构信息,也由于用户的访问总是要遵循一定的访问顺序,因此提出一种新的可以发现用户访问序列之间关联度的方法——序列关联规则发现方法.该方法首先得到用户访问事务;然后根据正则文法,定义了一种新的用户访问事务文法,用于从用户访问事务中得到用户序列访问事务;最后应用关联规则发现算法进而发现序列关联规则.为了进一步评价所发现的序列关联规则,引入了互信息的概念.发现的序列关联规则可以帮助Web站点的设计者更好地理解用户的访问,以用于调整Web站点的结构.
中文关键词: Web数据挖掘  文法  序列关联规则
Abstract:In web mining, applying association rule discovery can discover the association between different web pages accessed by users. Because there is the rich structure information in the website and the access of the users conforms to some kinds of sequences, a new approach is presented in this paper to discover the association between the access sequences, which is the sequence association rule discovery. In this approach, first the Log is mined in the web server to get the user access transactions, and then according to the regular grammar, a new user access transaction grammar is defined in order to get the sequence access transactions from the user access transactions. Subsequently, the association rule discovery algorithm is employed to discover the sequence association rules. To evaluate these rules, the mutual information is proposed. The result of this approach can help the designer of the website to understand the user access patterns better, and according to this result, the designer can adjust the structure of the web site.
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WANG Shi,GAO Wen,LI Jin tao.Sequence Association Rule Discovery Based on User Access Transaction Grammar.Journal of Software,2001,12(10):1503-1509