Journal of Software:2001.12(10):1486-1494

(北京航空航天大学计算机科学与工程系,北京 100083)
Efficient Authentication Signature Schemes for Dynamic Multicast Groups
LI Xian xian,HUAI Jin peng
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Received:July 26, 2000    Revised:March 05, 2001
> 中文摘要: 由于组播群组的动态性和数据传送的不可靠性,相对于点到点通信,组播通信的安全认证更为复杂.在组播数据发送源认证问题中,签字的速度和长度是实现认证的主要障碍.为了解决这个问题,通过引入新的认证技术——认证矩阵,提出了一个有效的适用于大数量动态的群组和不可靠数据传送的组播认证签字方案.相对于目前的组播包认证方案,该方案可显著地降低签字长度,提高签字速度,并可提供不可抵赖服务,可应用于如多媒体数据传输、多方会议以及远程教育等广泛的应用领域.
中文关键词: 组播通信  数字签字  安全认证
Abstract:Maintaining authenticity for multicast communication is inherently more complex than for unicast, which dues to the dynamic group and unreliable delivery. In the implementation of multicast authentication, the major obstacles lie on the lower signature rate and larger signature size overhead. To solve this problem, by using a new authentication technique called authentication matrix, a new signature scheme is proposed for large and dynamic multicast groups that can be used on the unreliable delivery network. Comparing with the existing schemes, in this scheme, the signature size overhead is much smaller and the signature rate is much higher, and it can provide the non-repudiation serve. It should have application in many practical fields such as multimedia data transmission, live multi-party conferencing and long-distance education.
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LI Xian xian,HUAI Jin peng.Efficient Authentication Signature Schemes for Dynamic Multicast Groups.Journal of Software,2001,12(10):1486-1494