Journal of Software:2001.12(8):1258-1264

基于 P-F方法的软件过程建模的复用性
(清华大学计算机科学与技术系北京 100084)
Reusability Based on P-F Method for Software Process Modeling
ZHOU Zhi ying
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Received:December 26, 2000    Revised:March 12, 2001
> 中文摘要: P-F方法可以直观而精确地提供软件过程的复用机制.软件过程的复用问题如同软件本身的复用性,具有同样重要的意义.为了抽象过程复用机制,P-F方法使用3层复用结构:过程模板、模式和元模式.过程模板代表由P-F方法描述的部分过程的可复用类.模式是模板的拓扑结构.最底层是元模式,代表最基本的模式,也是建成良结构过程/模板/模式的基本材料.利用元模式来构造软件过程可以避免病态的软件过程,并可以改进软件过程管理.形式化地定义了可复用结构部件间的操作.这些操作帮助实现软件过程的定义、复用或集成.软件过程的可复用特性在许
中文关键词: 软件过程  Petri网  可复用性  模板  模式  元模式
Abstract:P-F method provides the reusable mechanism of the software process with intuition and accurate. The reusability of software processes is very important feature like the reusability of software products. Three levels of reusable mechanism of P-F method for modeling the software process are the process template, the pattern and the meta pattern. The process template represents the reusable class of process parts described by P-F method. The pattern is the topology structure of the template. The lowest reusable level is meta-pattern, which is basic style of pattern and is also part-style for constructing the well-structured processes/patterns. Using metapatterns, it would avoid the ill structures of software processes and enhance the management of software processes. The operations among the template, pattern and meta-pattern are formally defined, which help to define, reuse and integrage software process. The reusability feature enhances the advantages of P-F method in many aspects: easing the communication among the different management layers; changing demands from recent rapid shift environment; providing the process tolls to creation, analyze, execute, control, commit process responsibility; supplying the convenience of documentation. Because P-F method is quite abstract, it also could be applied to general processes, and implemented by a P-F virtue machine or P-F computing machine driven by the P-F engine. The prototype is undergoing.
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周之英.基于 P-F方法的软件过程建模的复用性.软件学报,2001,12(8):1258-1264

ZHOU Zhi ying.Reusability Based on P-F Method for Software Process Modeling.Journal of Software,2001,12(8):1258-1264