Journal of Software:2001.12(8):1229-1235

(浙江大学CAD&CG国家重点实验室浙江杭州 310027 浙江大学人工智能研究所浙江杭州310027 浙江大学CAD&CG国家重点实验室浙江杭州 310027 浙江大学人工智能研究所浙江杭州310027)
Design of a New Color Edge Detector for Text Extraction Under Complex Background
ZHANG Yin,PAN Yun he
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Received:September 14, 1999    Revised:April 04, 2000
> 中文摘要: 分析了当前彩色边缘检测方法的现状与复杂背景下文本提取的社会需求,提出一个新的彩色图像边缘检测算子--ColorRoberts,该算子全面作用于三维RGB彩色空间.实验证明,在文本区域提取的彩色图像边缘检测中,ColorRoberts具有传统算子所无法比拟的优势,检测出的文本区域完整、清晰,字符形状边缘保持较好,文本区域与背景易于进一步剥离.
Abstract:In this paper, a new color edge detector ColorRoberts is presented after analyzing the status of current color edge detection methods and the social requirement to text extraction under complex background. ColorRoberts operates on the whole color space RGB. For text extraction under complex background, it shows that ColorRoberts is better than those classical edge detectors. The detected text edges are clear, integrated and easy to separated form the background.
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ZHANG Yin,PAN Yun he.Design of a New Color Edge Detector for Text Extraction Under Complex Background.Journal of Software,2001,12(8):1229-1235