Journal of Software:2001.12(8):1205-1211

(同济大学计算机科学与工程系上海 200092)
Research on the Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Cognition imulation
WANG Ji cheng
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Received:September 10, 1999    Revised:March 28, 2000
> 中文摘要: 根据认知科学的理论,同时以神经科学、脑科学等学科的最新研究成果为指导,利用计算机科学、数学及工程科学的方法,提出了一种自适应机器学习方法.该方法从微观神经元层次、中间层次和宏观层次,根据人脑的学习机理模拟人脑的学习过程.根据该方法开发的心电图分类知识自动获取系统,可以较好地模拟心电图专家的感知、认知和思维等功能.
Abstract:In this paper, according to the theory of cognitive science and the research results of neurology and brain science, a kind of adaptive machine learning algorithm is presented by using the methods of computer science , mathematics and engineering science. This algorithm simulates the learning process of man brain from the micro neuron level, middle level and macro level. The developed automatic electro cardiogram classification knowledge acquisition system can well simulate the sensation, cognition and thinking of electro-cardiogram experts.
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基金项目:认知科学;机器学习;神经网络;心电图分析 认知科学;机器学习;神经网络;心电图分析
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WANG Ji cheng.Research on the Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Cognition imulation.Journal of Software,2001,12(8):1205-1211