Journal of Software:2001.12(8):1170-1176

(国防科学技术大学计算机学院湖南长沙 410073)
Multi-Step Scheduling Strategy in Input-Queued Switches
SUN Zhi gang,LU Xi cheng
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Received:December 09, 1999    Revised:April 17, 2000
> 中文摘要: 输入缓冲交换开关已经在越来越多的ATM交换机和高性能路由器中使用.对于独立的信元到达,VOQ(virtual output queueing)技术与LQF(1ongest queue first)和OCF(oldest cell first)等加权调度算法的结合使用可以使利用交换开关的吞吐率达到100%.然而LQF和OCF等加权调度算法过于复杂,无法用硬件实现.提出了多步调度策略,使得用硬件实现加权调度算法成为可能.在该策略下,对于独立的信元到达,LQF算法仍可以达到100%的利用开关吞吐率,并具有良好的
Abstract:Input Queued switches are increasingly used in ATM switches and high performance routers. It has been proved that combining VOQ (virtual output queueing) technology and some weighted scheduling algorithms, such as LQF (longest queue first) and OCF (oldest cell first), the switch throughput can reach 100% for all cell arrivals with independent distributions. But the algorithms of LQF and OCF are so complicated that they cannot be easily implemented in hardware. A multi step scheduling strategy proposed in this paper makes it possible to implement the weighted in hardware. A multi-step scheduling strategy proposed in this paper makes it possible to implement the weighted scheduling algorithma in hardware. It is also proved that the switches based on the LQF by introducing the multi-step scheduling strategy can still get 100% throughput and the better delay property for arrivals with independent distributions.
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SUN Zhi gang,LU Xi cheng.Multi-Step Scheduling Strategy in Input-Queued Switches.Journal of Software,2001,12(8):1170-1176