Journal of Software:2001.12(8):1162-1169

(清华大学计算机科学与技术系北京 100084)
Research of the Operating and Maintenance System in Extended Services Router
JIANG Yong,WU Jian ping,XU Ke,YU Zhong chao
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Received:January 27, 2000    Revised:March 24, 2000
> 中文摘要: 路由器操作维护(operating and maintenance,简称OAM)系统负责对路由器进行操作和管理.它是路由器正常运行的保证,是路由器中的重要模块.随着路由器技术的发展,对路由器软件动态升级的要求越来越受到人们的重视.对扩展服务路由器操作管理进行了深入的研究,首先介绍了扩展服务路由器操作管理的设计要求和研究现状,然后介绍了清华大学研制的扩展服务路由器原型系统的软、硬件体系结构及其对操作维护系统的功能要求,设计并实现了可实时动态加载扩展服务组件的操作维护管理系统.最后指出了进一步的研究方向.
中文关键词: 操作维护管理  扩展服务  路由器
Abstract:The OAM (operating and maintenance) module of a router implements the management and manipulation of the router. The OAM is one of the most important sub systems in a router, guaranteeing it to work in going order. With the rapid rate of router technic development, it is becoming increasingly important to dynamically upgrade router software in an incremental fashion. In this paper, the authors make a thorough research on router operating and maintenance system. First, the ESR-OAM designed requirements and evolutions are introduced. Then the extended services router architecture and ESR-OAM function requirements are presented, which is developed by Tsinghua University. And the ESR-OAM is designed and implemented in detail, which can dynamically add and configure extensible component at run time. At last, research directions and open problems in this area are discussed.
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JIANG Yong,WU Jian ping,XU Ke,YU Zhong chao.Research of the Operating and Maintenance System in Extended Services Router.Journal of Software,2001,12(8):1162-1169