Journal of Software:2001.12(8):1147-1153

(中国科学院信息安全技术工程研究中心北京 100080 中国科学院软件研究所北京 100080)
Research for Key Management in Cryptosystem for Hierarchy
MENG Yang,QING Si han,LIU Ke long
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Received:July 21, 1999    Revised:April 19, 2000
> 中文摘要: 分别利用对称加密技术、非对称加密技术以及对称加密与非对称加密结合技术,提出在等级加密下的密钥管理体制,同时对其安全性与效率进行分析.与现有的体制相比,这种体制采用树状模型,其各等级用户之间的密钥通过关系参数连接起来,使得该体制不但适合于一般的等级体制,同时也适合于密钥频繁改变、用户动态变化的应用环境.
中文关键词: 对称加密  非对称加密  密钥管理
Abstract:In this paper, a key management scheme in cryptosystem for hierarchy is proposed using symmetric cryptography technology, asymmetric cryptography technology, symmetric cryptography combined with asymmetric cryptography technology. At the same time, it's security and efficiency are analyzed. Comparing with the exist systems, this scheme adopts tree model, the users of different secure levels contact each other with relation parameters, the system is appropriate for not only the common environments, but also the special environments in which key changes frequently and users change dynamically.
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基金项目:对称加密;非对称加密;密钥管理 对称加密;非对称加密;密钥管理
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MENG Yang,QING Si han,LIU Ke long.Research for Key Management in Cryptosystem for Hierarchy.Journal of Software,2001,12(8):1147-1153